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data center

Data Center or Data Center, is the space where the necessary resources for the information processing of an organization are concentrated.
There are a whole series of fundamental elements that must be taken into account when building a data center.




1. Project planning:
• Determine the type of data center to be created.
• Choose the equipment to be used, present and future.
• Analyze the refrigeration.
• Calculate the necessary power.
• Connectivity analysis.
• Establish the necessary layout.
• Choice of location.
• Establish control and security systems.

2. Budget the project:
Taking into account all the above, a relationship must be created with all the costs that the data center will have, including the expenses of external and specialized personnel, as well as remodeling of rooms or buildings, etc.

3. Prepare the construction project:
The project will include the technical description of all the equipment that will be needed, but also for construction plans, electrical system, plumbing, ventilation, etc.

4. Commission:
The equipment to ensure that the construction corresponds to the design previously made, and thus have the availability that the user demands.


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